You may download and share any images from this gallery for free! You may also donate $19.99 to the CJ and April fund (for our romantic dinners, movies, wedding, whatever) and you will receive the entire collection (rehearsal/wedding/luau) when it is completed on DVD.

The DVD contains these images in high resolution suitable for high quality poster prints. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER'S IMAGES. They brought a team and all of the right gear and will undoubtedly produce some high quality stuff. This collection is from myself and the maid of honor using the equipment we had on hand.

The website will remain free for you to access and share. Single images may also be downloaded for free. You do not have to buy this! It is just an option for those that would like a hard copy for their archives.

The link to donate to the April and CJ fund is here: